Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | May 2, 2012

Super Mom goes on Momcation

This is what I started on Facebook and plan to end on my blog.  To give a quick overview my wife left on April 28th to go to Colorado with a friend.  This left me alone for a week with 4 kids.  My wife does it all and is a super mom.  I call myself a super dad just to she doesn’t get to conceded.  But really she holds everything together and gives me my super power.  Without her I just become an ordinary dad.  Our kids are great kids but I don’t want my wife to know how easy I really had it while she was gone.  So this is how it started:

April 27, 2012 around noon

Mariah leaves for Colorado tomorrow. What am I gonna do? I will be one super parent vs 4 villainous kids. They know they have me out numbered, and I know they have been secretly planning something since they found out. I can only imagine the terror they will put me through. Wanting things like food, drinks, clean clothes, and much much more. Only me to answer their endless amount of questions. And the one question that can never be answered; Why? I can feel myself growing weaker already. So if you get a strange call where the only word spoken is help or see a smoke signal or SOS or anything just know the villainous kids are winning and I am in trouble! I need all super moms and their sidekick super dads to be on high alert and ready to help defend a fellow super parent on a moments notice because we all know when the first one of us falls the rest will start to go too.

April 27, 2012 9:30pm

SOS….SOS….SOS!!!….oh wait…..nevermind. The kids are just coming to give me a hug goodnight. Whew!!! Thought they were being super brave with super mom still here. But I got their message loud and clear still. It was a hug and a very quiet whisper so mom couldn’t hear, of…”She leaves tomorrow!” Not going to lie, it scared me enough I peed a little right there.


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