Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | May 2, 2012

Night #2

April 30, 2012

Well the day wasn’t bad until about dusk when toys, games, and food started to bore them. Then that look came and it started. Like rapid fire one question after another all ending with, WHY?. Then I swear they were like gremlins after taking a shower and multiplied, all wanting something and knowing I could not do all they wanted. I could see them getting more frustrated with me and they started chanting: why? Why? Why?…..I had one last cookie and threw it into the front room. They all chased at it like it was the last piece of food in the world. I made my getaway. I ran into the attic pulled the christmas tree out of the tub it was in and climbed back in and covered up with it. I could not sleep. Not because I could hear them but because also in the tub was a set of cinnamon spice sticks. All I could think about is when I come out of hiding I am going to smell like a sweet snack!!!


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