Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | May 2, 2012

Night #3

So you’ve seen the movie Goonies where the brother gets tied up with that exercise thing? I don’t even know where my kids got one. All I know is one minute I am on the computer and next they wrap that thing around me and the chair. They then tip me backwards in the chair and lay it down. I am demanding they let me loose but they have other plans. First one of them fills a cup of water and slowly let’s it drip into the middle of my forhead. Drip, drip, drip. One sits beside my head and puts their finger right by the corner of my eye and says, “I’m not touching you” over and over and over. A third stands over me and pokes me in the chest repeatedly and says, “not so tough without mom here are ya?” The only time I got a break was every few minutes when they would get up and let the last one come over and…..fart on me. Then look at me like I did it and say, “DISGUSTING!” Then immediatley the other 3 come back and start where they left off. Only 4 more nights to survive. I will not let them break me!


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