Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | May 2, 2012

Night #4

So you know the part in the movies where you see a group of people walking in slow motion and that music is playing where you know some one is about to get their butt kicked. That is what I saw. They came down the stairs in a group with that same look the kid on Hangover had before he tasered Allen. And they were moving in slow motion and I could hear the music. I knew I was about to get it. I decided to make a stand and meet them in the kitchen. The leader of the pack, Michaela, asks: “Are you ready to submit and say the words?” “What words” I asked. “That the kids run this house and are in charge.” “Are you kidding that is all you want me to say?” I asked while chuckling. “No that is what we want you to mean and understand.” Said with a serious look. “And if I don’t?” 

Last thing I remember is one of the boys yelling “Do you smell what the Rock is cook’n?” And the other waving his hand in his face saying, “you can’t see me!” And a loud thud of a metal chair to the head. I was told by them this morning that they thought they would have had a tougher WWE match since I have watched wrestling before and that they fought a kindergartner tougher than me.

What can I say but at least I got to sleep last night.


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