Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | May 16, 2012

World is Ending! Really!?

As you read or watch the news it always seems to show us the bad things.  Why?  Because those are the things that attract viewers, which means ratings go up.  My problem is that then you start to hear all this, “the world is coming to an end” stuff.  Why would anyone say that?  Is it because all of the violence, wars, scandals, etc?  Then let me ask you this, If we go back generation after generation will we not still see the same things?  People murdered, scandals happened, and wars were fought.  Look at crimes and wars and the brutality of it all is still the same, just the weapons have changed.  You could say it seemed like there were less murders, rapes, violent attacks on others, etc.  But I would say the population of the earth keeps growing, and as it does so will bad things that happen because there are more people to commit those acts.  Also with today’s age of technology when someone is brutally murdered it is instantly accessed or on the news around the world, where in different generations it went from where it might have taken all day, a couple of days, a week, or never at all known.  I personally believe that with the rising population and the instant news technology things look worse than they are.  We know about the genocides, wars against religions, etc., from areas that if we didn’t have this technology we might never know about or find out about for a long time.  

I also believe the world is still a beautiful place and more good is out there than bad.  The good things are just not on the news or in your face as much because it doesn’t sell.  Take a day and look around at everything you do that day.  While you will still see some jerks you will also still see people saying hello to each other.  You still see people hold the door open, standing up, risking their lives, laughing, caring, and compassionate all for others.  There is children’s laughter, giggles, and smiles.  There are beautiful sunny days, white snowy days, and calm rainy days.  There are miracles, bravery, and heroism.  There are the animals, trees, plants, waters, and much more that nature surrounds us with.  Most of all there is LOVE.  People still love each other and it shows in all the good things we see and do.  So your next day trip while you’re out running errands or just enjoying the day, look around.  Look and count all the good things you see compared to the bad.  I know you will see more good and for me I know that helps ease my mind and know the world is far from ending.           


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