Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | May 21, 2012

Dads and Dating Daughters

First I will say that my while my daughter is not old enough to date (by our rules) she is only a few years away.  The problem starts when they arrive in middle school and every boy they seem to talk to is now their boyfriend.  Boyfriend?  What!?  No, no, no.  She can have a friend that is a boy but a boyfriend, that is not allowed.  But can I stop that?  No.  Because there is nothing I can do while she is at school with all those scoundrels.  The only thing I can control is who she is talking to on the phone, how long she is on the phone, and who she is talking to on the Internet.  I will not stop her from talking to a boy but at least I can make sure it is an appropriate conversation.  I was fourteen once, no matter what she thinks.  I once asked her what decade do you think I was a teenager?  Of course she is blond and lives up to that sometimes and says, “This decade.”  “Wait, what is a decade?”  Oh boy I thought.  She is in middle school and doesn’t know what a decade is.  Is that our fault of the schools?  I explained what a decade was and then she thought I was a 70’s teen.  What in the world is she thinking?  She knows how old I am but the blondness wins again.  So back to telling her I was a teenage boy once too and I know how they think.  Those disgusting little deviants have thoughts that shouldn’t be in their head until they are a man.  I mean come on, a little kiss or just holding hands can get them excited.  Right now I have the upper hand because she can’t date and she is not alone with a boy while at our house.  But soon, way to soon, she will be old enough to date.  That is just as terrifying as her learning to drive.  These little vampires who do nothing but hunt girls to date and hope beyond all hope to be able to get a kiss (and yes, I know more sometimes, but I refuse to think about that) will be out there.  Just waiting for the fresh, unsuspecting, girl who was just released into the dating world.  I know for a fact one rule will be that the boy must come and sit with us before being allowed to take our daughter on a date.  The question is how do I handle that?  Do I do the old cleaning-my-gun when he comes over (one problem is I don’t own a gun which means I would need to go buy one)?  How about the lean-in-creepy-whisper-in-his-ear, when she leaves the room, about how I will hunt him down and make sure no one finds his body if he touches my daughter?  I am an EMT, so I could have the talk with him in the back of the ambulance and all the while in between talking points show him what get puts where when the patient is unconscious or barely alert like when they touch someone’s daughter.  Oh how much fun I will have when the time comes for that talk with the boy who wants to date my daughter.  

The truth is that it scares me to death to let her date.  Is it really because of the boys?  Well some of it but a bigger reason is that it means she is growing up and becoming a woman who will one day be old enough to leave this house and be out on her own.  Being able to watch her every move and protect her will be gone.  I know at some point we have to let our kids grow and become their own person but that doesn’t mean it will be easy.  Time flies way too fast being a parent. 

I do have one more problem, and that is that I have another daughter who will be in third grade the next school year.  So I get to go through and feel all these emotions again.  On the plus side, when it is her turn to date, I will have the scaring-the-crap-out-of-the-boyfriend routine down.




  1. We scared the crap out of a boyfriend once…… her dad and brother took tae kwondo and mom was body building at the time….. he didn’t come around much after he heard that….. heheheh

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