Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | June 11, 2012

Baking Brings the Devil Out – The Conclusion

She starts saying things but her jaws are clinched tightly shut so it makes it hard to understand exactly what she is saying.  I hear words like: Die, won’t find body, pieces, etc.  I have watched a lot of survivor man so I am looking around for ways to help me get myself out of this situation.  Nothing!  I think to myself maybe I can talk her down.  So I start off with, “You know getting mad like this doesn’t help your predicament or make you a better baker right?”  That stopped her in her tracks.  I think to myself that she has realized that I am right and this behavior is not helping her in the least little bit.  She turns around without saying a word.  “WOW!”  I think to myself.  I can’t believe that worked.  I walk towards her and put my arm on her shoulder.  I say in a calm sweet voice, “Honey it will all be alright.  You know it always turns out alright so there is no need to get this angry.”  Softly and in that creepy horror movie type of way she says, “I know it will,” as she turns around.  My arms are wide open to give her a hug as I catch a glance of it to late.  Her left arm is swinging towards me and in her hand is the rolling pin. 


Sunday when I awoke she was standing beside me.  “Did you enjoy your nap?” she asked.  “Do you think you could help me get the rest of the house ready for the party that starts in a few hours?”  She also asked.  Very softly and not looking directly into her eyes I said yes.  I also apologized for falling asleep after she knocked me upside the head with the rolling pin.  “That was very rude of me.”  I said.  So now when she bakes and I have to walk through the kitchen or go near her, and I know she is having a tough time, I take a kid with me.  Because I know that if I hurl one of the kids at her that will allow me just enough time to escape the extremely dangerous situation.



  1. but the cookies were good, right?

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