Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | June 28, 2012

A Glimpse of Pearl Harbour Through My Eyes

July2012 031

Today I got to go and see some history.  I have seen documentries, read history books, and watched movies but to see it in person was just surreal.  Today I got to see Pearl Harbour.  I stood there and took in the beauty of the mountains in the backdrop, the blue skies, the palm trees, and the Navy ships.  It was very nice how beautifully done the memorials were.  Then I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what the people where going through on December 7, 1941.  Some just waking up, some still sleeping, and some already hard at work when the bombs starting falling from the sky.  Even though highly trained I could only imagine the soldiers panic that ensued, wondering if they were going to die that day.  To see their friends and fellow comrades being killed.  Watching their ships and planes being blown up.  I can see their panic turn to anger as these men and women now start picking up whatever weapons they can to fire back at the planes.  The 14 lonely planes they were able to get up against hundreds still must have given the soldiers on the ground and in the harbour hope.  They fought back when most of us would be running for cover just so we could live through the bombardment.  I imagine the aftermath and everyone coming together to help each other.  To help give blood, give aid, search and rescue, or whatever they could just to help.  Some where able to be buried, some would have a watery tomb forever, some would survive, but ALL are heroes.


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