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One of the most amazing things that I notice about Kauai besides the beautiful scenery was how amazing the people are.  Everyone seems to do everything with a smile.  They seem to be truly living a happy life.  The only time I heard anyone be rude or say a nasty thing it was from someone from the mainland.  There was no waiting forever for some opening to get onto the road, they were more than willing to stop and let you join the traffic.  Everyone seemed so laid back and was in no rush for anything.  They inspire me to become a calmer person.  Everything does not have to be now, now, now.

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As for the scenery, whether it was driving up the coast of the north shore or taking the boat tour of the Na Pali Coast, I could see God’s beauty everywhere.  The magnificent peaks of the mountains met the skies as the peaks always seem to have a constant cloud covering it.  Every time the waves splashed up against the rocky coast, was like every picture I had ever seen of that come to life.  The sound of the waves rolling in one after the other is the most soothing music I will ever here.  The Na Pali coast was a perfect still painting of one of God’s masterpieces.  The waterfalls, valleys, and caves all formed to perfection.

Kauai is the most relaxed, laid back, mostly secluded place I have ever been.  The breathtaking views and most welcoming people make Kauai a place I wish everyone could visit.  If it is not on your bucket list I would recommend you put it there.



  1. Beautiful, I as so glad you have enjoyed your “honeymoon”. Please keep up the writing as you have reminded me of our wedding and honeymoon 23 years ago… thanks

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