Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | July 9, 2012


Maui is a place where the sky just seems a little bit more blue, the sun shines perfectly, and the most beautiful bluest-green water is so clear you can see the ocean floor in 25 ft. deep waters.  Maui does not have the hurry, hurry, hurry feel of Waikiki beach on Oahu or the isolation of Kauai but the perfect mixture of both.  There are shops for the shoppers, great golf courses for the golfers, and perfect beaches for just relaxing.  Maui welcomes you with beauty and pleasure and makes sure you had your fill of both by the time you leave.  Unfortunately my last couple of days were hampered by an ear infection (turned into a double ear infection by the time i reached home) but even the pain and discomfort of that could not take away the beauty or essence of Maui.

On my trip I noticed a lot of families were able to bring their young kids to Hawaii and that is wonderful, but I did leave with one thought about it. If that is the only time those kids will ever get to go to Hawaii will they ever realize how lucky they were to be surrounded by one of God’s most beautiful creations? Will they understand that Hawaii isn’t just another state, but a place where kindness, hellos, goodbyes, and thank yous are a way of life.


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