Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | July 26, 2012

Can you see it?

Do you see it?  It is right there in front of you.  It is there at the moment you open your eyes and still there when you sleep through the night.  It is there when you hug your kids goodbye before work and it is also there as you drive by the homeless on the streets.  It is a beautiful field of wild flowers or a single weed in the crack of a sidewalk. 

Can you feel it?  It is there when you laugh until it hurts or you cry until the pain subsides.  It is that feeling you get when you meet “the one” and it is there when you are angry with someone you dislike.  It is there in the emotions of love and happiness but also there in times of sadness and dispair. 

Can you hear it?  The sounds of children’s laughter and the cries of losing a loved one.  It is the sound of birds chirping in the morning and in the sound of someone in pain. 

It is there when the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evenings.  It is there on the happiest days of our lives and it is there during the most tragic times too.  It is there as this world keeps turning and the days keep changing.  It is there in a crowded room and it is also there when we feel our loneliest.  It does not stop for anything.  It does not matter what you see, feel, or hear, it just keeps on going!

It is LIFE, and we have only one.  We do not know when or how it will end, all we know is that one day it will.  So we need to take this gift, and yes (whether you believe in God or you don’t, either way) it is a gift.  It is the most precious gift we will ever get.  We must embrace life and live it to the best of our abilities.  Whether it is something we do to ourselves or it is something that happens to us, our life will not go perfectly all of the time.  So what!  That does not mean we just throw this life away.  We must deal with the situation and learn from it and move on because that is what life is going to do, it’s just going to move on.  That does not mean we can’t grieve, be angry, or just plane be down in the dumps about situations in our life.  What it does  mean is that when those times come we can not let it take over and control our lives.  We must keep moving forward, never forgetting those moments but also not hanging on to them.  Life is what we make of the opportunities given to us and how we handle the tribulations that come our way.  So can you see it, feel it, and hear it?  I hope so and I hope you soak it all in.  I ask that you respect, be kind, and love one another because if we all do that we all will have a life worth living.           


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