Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | August 1, 2012

Being gay is wrong! WHAT???

For those who don’t know I am a 36yr old male who has been married for 15 years and believes in God.  I do believe in the bible, but my problem is that the interpretation of it is from man.  People state that in Leviticus it states that man shall not lie with man, but it also states not to eat shellfish, to have tattoos, etc.  Depending on who you talk to these things have different meanings for different reasons.  If you want to learn about what something means in the bible you can go to 10 different churches and get 10 different meanings.  The Baptist, the Catholics, the Presbyterians, the Jewish, and all the others think their teachings of the bible are the right way.  You have religious people who believe being gay is wrong and you have one’s that think there isn’t anything wrong, and all because of their interpretation of the bible.  So how do we decide which interpretation is right?

Just going with what you see and hear in America, it seems the majority of people who think that homosexuality is wrong also believe that the person has a choice.  To me that is like saying people have a choice to be autistic, someone has the choice to be born with a deformity, or can choose to be a minority, all which can cause them to be ridiculed, teased, judged, and tormented.  Why?  Because they are different and to no fault of their own.  So why would someone choose to be gay and choose to go through the things they go through?  My answer is that they don’t choose it, they are created that way.  I believe God created homosexuals just like he created anyone else, in His perfect image.  Some say there are an estimated 4 to 5 million homosexuals in the U.S.   Whether those numbers are low or a little high, it doesn’t matter.  That sure is a lot of people just choosing to be ridiculed, tormented, teased, judged, and all the other idiotic things people do to them their whole life because they are different.  

To me God is perfect and to say that being a homosexual is wrong is like saying God made a mistake.  The problem is, with the free will God gave us, only we make the mistakes.  We make the mistakes in our behaviors, actions, and words.  We think it is ok to not treat people equally, when we are all made of flesh, blood, and bone.  God sees us all as equals and loves us all equally.  So why should we be any different? 


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