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God and Adoption Our Story Conclusion

We loved living in Noblesville.  There was so much to do and everything we wanted was within a few minutes of our house.  We talked about growing old there and never really thought about moving.  But not long after finding out that we would not be able to continue fertility treatments and knowing without those our chances of having another child were very slim I started having a feeling.  I started having a feeling of wanting to move back to northern Indiana.  I did love the little town we lived in but Noblesville felt like home.  It was the place where our marriage really grew, both us and our daughter were just starting to make friends, and we were happy.  Everything was really starting to come together, but I just couldn’t get this feeling of wanting to move out of my head.  So one day I acted on it and told my wife that I wanted to move back to northern Indiana.  She was shocked.  She knew I had fought hard to move down to the Indy area and couldn’t believe I wanted to move back.  At the same time an incident at my job put me in a situation I had never been in before and I gave my two week notice out of nowhere.  I started putting in applications knowing I only had about three weeks to find a job or we would be screwed.  I was having no luck when my father called and told me that the company he worked for had openings and they were paying what I was already making.  The catch is that it was in northern Indiana. 

So after discussing it I applied for that job and got it.  We put the house for sale and for six months until the house sold I lived up there and my wife stayed in the house in Noblesville.  We found a place to rent and started thinking about having kids again.  We knew the chances were slim to nil to have kids on our own so my wife asked me what I thought about fostering kids.  She said we could become foster parents and maybe adopt.  We even talked about not adopting and just fostering over the years to help give kids a place to go.  So we talked about it and decided to become foster parents.  Our classes started in May and wouldn’t be over until almost September (those were also including the adoption classes).  We decided to do both just in case.  Just as our foster classes were ending my wife was looking online and found a picture of a sibling group of three that needed to be adopted.  She sent me the picture of them in an email and we both thought what a perfect match they would be for our family.  Two of them had names my wife had wanted to use for her children ever since she was a kid.  She tells me that as soon as our adoption classes are over she is going to look to see if these kids still needed to be adopted.  Of course we knew the chances of that were not very good. 

About a month and a half later our classes were done.  My wife had a friend who had adopted before and knew someone who worked for the DCS (Department of Child Services).  A few days after our classes ended she got a call from her friend.  She told my wife that her connection in the DCS said she knew of a group of kids that needed to be adopted (they had been in a non-adoptive foster home, and on the adoption list for 2 years) and wanted to know if we were interested.  When she was telling my wife about the kids they sounded familiar.  She told my wife there were two boys and a girl and they were all siblings.  This is exactly what we always wanted from the beginning were two boys and two girls only a few years apart.  She then gave us the number to the kid’s case manager and we put in a call to her about being interested in adopting them.   My wife asked the case manager to send a picture and as it turns out it was the same three kids we had seen a month and a half earlier.  The process worked where the first couple of weekends we got to meet them and go do something with them and the next couple of weekends we got to keep them over night. 

We also had to be interviewed by the case manager, the kids’ doctors, therapists and the current foster parents about being the adoptive parents and approved for it.  During the interview we learned there was another couple interested in the kids but since we had contacted her first we would get the chance to interview and adopt first.  She also told us that it was weird that they only had two families interested because they normally have much more interest for kids that are their age.  After being approved to adopt the move in day finally came.  The case worker met us at the current foster family’s house and we packed their things and brought them home.  Our first in-home meeting with the case manager brought some other surprising news.  She proceeded to tell us that they found out why the kids were in the system for as long as they were and how lucky we were to get them.  On the adoption website there are pictures of the kids, there is also a link there to email the case manager about your interest in those kids.  Come to find out the link for our kids somehow got messed up and all the emails were being sent to some other case manager somewhere else.  That case manager was not trying to find out where those emails were meant to be sent and just deleted them.  From what we were told there were a lot of people interested in them. 

From the time we moved from Noblesville, till the time the kids moved in, it had been 3 years.  It took me 3 years to get my answer from God but the minute she got done telling us the story of the mix up with the emails I knew that was it.  I knew that for some reason he planned on us having the four kids we always wanted, just not they way we wanted them.  I knew that all the things that led up to us moving; the feeling, quitting my job, only finding a job in northern Indiana, all were leading up to us adopting those kids and becoming the family we always wanted.  This was an answer to our prayer!  This was a slap in my face; here is your answer kind of thing.  As I look back I see everything had to happen just right, in the right time frame, for this to work.  As always He made sure it did.  So now when I find myself starting to doubt I look at two things that have happened in my life and it makes the doubt go away.  How we became a family is one and the other one is a story for a later time, but they both gave me answers and they both strengthened my belief in God.  

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;   in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.


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