Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | August 17, 2012

“Time Goes By So Fast”

You had probably heard it a million times from you parents and grandparents, “time goes by so fast!”  When you’re a kid you can see it too, in little ways.  You can look back and see how fast the summer went, or how fast the sports season went, but you really don’t think about it too much because you are too busy looking toward the future all the time.  You can’t wait to get your drivers license, you can’t wait to turn 18, the end of high school, turn 21, college, etc., and it all is taking too long to happen.

There is at least one thing that will change all of that thinking, and that is having a child.  The first thing that will change in your thinking is that it is now all about your kid and not you.  The other is your reality of how fast time goes by.  First they are a sweet little baby and then come the toddler years.  After that they are now starting kindergarten and their elementary years and then on to middle school.  Then one day you wake up and your child is starting their freshman year of high school and it slaps you in the face hard.  You have felt the slaps of time over the years but nothing like this.  It has hit you so hard it is scary.  Your child is a freshman and old enough to start taking driver’s education.  Now those words come back to haunt you, “time goes by so fast.” 

Where have the days of rocking them to sleep, watching those first steps, learning to ride that bike, their very first day of school, the school programs, the innocence, the believers of magic, and so much more gone?  It feels like over the years you have been standing still while time has been going by at triple speed.  “Time goes by so fast,” you understand that phrase now more than ever but on the same hand would not give up any of the time you had to make it go slower.  So now you enjoy it, be even more present in the now, and the only thing you look forward to is being with them and watching them grow into beautiful people as time goes on. 


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