Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | October 2, 2012

The Boy And (Not The Beanstalk) Just The Bean

So one day there was this little boy, about 4 years old (we will not mention names).  This little boy had sat at the table and ate all of his dinner, but of course like all little boys he had, in between bites, played with his food.  After dinner he noticed something was just not right.  When he breathed he could feel something moving back and forth in his nose.  So of course the little boy started walking around the house breathing deeply in and blowing really strongly out.  Nothing happened except the thing lodged in his nose just kept going back and forth.  So of course he tried to pick it out.  He was pretty sure he knew what it was and if he could get that thing out he was going to eat it!

He could not reach it with his finger but he could feel it as he flicked his finger back and forth.  Then as he stuck his finger farther in his nose, he pushed it out of reach.  Now the only thing he could do was walk around constantly pushing air out of his nose forcefully.  Well this caught the attention of his mother who wondered what in the world was he doing.  So she asked, “Son,” that is what parents in this story call their kids because again we are not naming any names.  “Son, what are you doing?”  His answer; “It’s stuck in my nose.”

M- “Well get some tissue paper.  Don’t blow it onto the floor.”
S- “No, I want to catch it so I can eat it.”
M- “WHAT!?  I do not think so.  You go get some tissue because if that hits the floor you are going to be in trouble.”
S- “But”
M- “No but!  Get in there and get a tissue!”

So as you can imagine the little boy left and instead of going to get a tissue went to his room to try and work this thing out of his nose.  It only took a few minutes for his mom to realize he hadn’t come back to the living room and went to find him.  She found him on his bed once again digging deep into his nose with all his might to get it out. 

M- “Mister what are you doing?  I thought I told you to go get a tissue.”
S- “I have a bean stuck in my nose.”
M- “A what?”
S- “A bean.  I put it there when I was eating but now I can’t get it out.”

So his mom came over to look up his nose.  After studying it for a few seconds she told him there was no bean in his nose.  She told him it was probably a booger.  He told her it was a bean and it was stuck in his nose.  Again she told him that it was just a booger and to get his pajamas on. 

The next day all the boy could do was think about getting that bean out of his nose.  Over and over he tried digging for it and blowing it out but there was just no luck.  His mother would check a few more times and still didn’t see anything and told him again that it must just be a big booger that is stuck and it would come out eventually.  At one point I am pretty sure the boy stuck other objects in his nose to try to help get it out.  Pencil, toy soldier, straw, and many other objects but they didn’t help.  So finally at bedtime the boy told his mother one more time that he had stuck a bean up his nose and now he couldn’t get it out. 

On the third day the mother finally decided to take him to the doctor to see if there was really something in his nose.  As the doctor came in he asked the mom what the problem was, and she told him.  The doctor looked up the boy’s nose but did not see anything.  He then went over and grabbed his ear, nose, throat tool with the light on it.  After a couple of seconds of looking he stood back up and said, “Hmm…”   Of course now the mother was wondering and she asked what the problem was.  The doctor looked over at her and said, “Well it appears your son has a bean up his nose.”  The doctor then laughed a little and went over and got some tweezers.  He then proceeded to pull out what ended up being the seed/bean inside of a green bean.  “Good thing we got that out when we did or you would have started growing green beans in your nose.” The doctor said. 

D- “So how did you get that bean in your nose?”
S- “I put it there.”
D, M- “Why?”
S- Shrugs his shoulders in the ‘I don’t know’ fashion, and then asks, “Can I eat it now?”  



  1. Now, all this time I have envisioned a cut green bean up the nose and not just the bean inside the green bean. What…. No comment about not eating green beans to this day. Or the greeting card some one found about the boy that stuck a green bean up his nose? Guess there should remain some mystery in all stories.

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