Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | October 29, 2012

There Is More Than Corn In Indiana!

As you travel south on Interstate 65, in Indiana, it seems just like any other ordinary interstate.  It is four lanes of fast traffic heading north and south with your normal exits for gas and food.  On either side of you, the land is pretty flat and boring.  You have your corn and bean fields with the occasional buildings here and there. You may be traveling 70MPH but it feels like there is no end to this dull scenery, until you get to State Road 46 at exit 68.

 As you come off the exit you will come to a stop light.  To the east is the city of Columbus, Indiana.  It is your ordinary city with all your usual restaurants, gas stations, and stores. For me personally there is nothing spectacular about it. 

 Now if you go west, you will start to drive towards what I believe is one of the most beautiful places Indiana has to offer, especially in the fall.  After a few miles of driving west on State Road 46 you will enter Brown County. 

 One of the first places you will come to and want to visit will be on the south side of the road.  It is Brown County State Park.  The park has a lodge, family cabins, a camp ground, horse back riding, hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and picnic areas.  As you are driving on the main road around the park it feels like you are going up and down a small mountain.  There are many winding curves and steep hills. 

 Along the road there are many places that allow you to pull over so you can enjoy the amazing scenic views.  As you get out of your car and walk over to the edge of the hills you are now overlooking the state park.  My favorite time of the year to visit there is in the fall.  As you are standing on the top of the hills overlooking the park you see what Brown County calls their fall fireworks.  It is an amazing assortment of red, orange, yellow, and brown colors.  It is God’s personal canvas painting which we all can enjoy.  It is acres upon acres of rich, vibrant colors perfectly placed that give you such a breathtaking view; you can’t take your eyes off of it.

 Once you are done at the park you can continue to head west on State Road 46.  After just a couple of miles you will come to the small town of Nashville, Indiana.  The population of the town is around 800 and if you drive through during the evening looks like your ordinary small town.  But during the day the town comes alive with tourists.  Everyone is there to shop.  There are art studios, Christmas shops, collectible sport shops, and antique shops.  There is a store that only sells different kinds of socks and stores that sell Harley items.  They have candy shops, fudge shops, and ice cream shops.  There are many good restaurants there, where you can get delicious, home-cooked meals.  They have places where you can buy candles, signs, shirts, knives, and almost any other thing you can think of.

 You can spend a whole day shopping there and still not see everything they have to offer.  This is one of my favorite places to go with my wife.  Every October we go and camp down in Brown County.  We take in the views, we always spend a few hours in Nashville, and we enjoy our time together.  The food is good, the shopping is fun (especially since there are things for guys and girls), and the people are great.  I would recommend if you live in Indiana or you are visiting Indiana to take time and visit Brown County.  I promise you will enjoy your time spent there.

 Oh and what kind of sports fan would I be if I didn’t mention that if you wanted to take in a game, you can drive about 30 minutes to the West on State Road 46 and you will arrive in Bloomington, Indiana – home of the Indiana Hoosiers.


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