Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | December 6, 2012

Being In The Dark Does Not Mean There Is No Light

This is a beautiful world full of amazing places, things, and people.  This is also a tough world that can be cruel and insufferable.  This world can show you beauty, compassion, and love.  At the same time it can show you hurt, pain, and hate.   There are times in our lives that can take us to our greatest joys and to our darkest places, where you can be surrounded by the most beautiful things but all you can see is darkness and hopelessness.  That is a place where evil seems to come alive the most.  It is where the devil has his best chance to influence you.  In this place you feel furthest from God and can even wonder if He exists.  You stop caring about everything.  You feel nothing and you even don’t think it is worth living. 

While you are in this place the devil is convincing you that nothing matters anymore and there is nothing this world or anyone else can offer you.  The devil is telling you all hope is lost and you are in this place because no one cares about you.  It is telling you that God has let you down and whatever has happened in your life has happened because God doesn’t care.  Evil is telling you that if God cared He wouldn’t have let this happen.  He had the power to stop it but did nothing.  The devil is promising that if you just leave this world all your pain will end.  You will have no more worries.  Your pain will be gone and life can’t hurt you anymore.  It asks, “Why do you even want to live in a world where this exists?” 

If you are in this place I ask that you remember one thing.  Remember that no matter how horrible life feels right now and no matter how dark that it seems that darkness can only be so dark.  It cannot get darker than dark.  In fact darkness is a place we have to travel to in order to get away from the light. Remember we have free will of our lives and can at any moment choose to use that free will to bring us out of our darkest places and to have the light shine in.  I want you to know that darkness can be conquered by light.  It might just start out the size of the tip of a needle, but it is there.  You can see it and if you allow yourself to you can make the light get brighter and brighter.  Anytime you are in the dark you can let light in, but you can never cover up all the light with darkness.

So when you are in this darkness I ask that you pray for His light.  I ask that you ask God to show you the way back out of the darkness.  With God’s help no one has to be in the dark.  God does not promise we won’t feel pain or hurt but with Him we will always live in the light.  God will always be there to bring our souls peace and comfort during our toughest times but it is us who have to let Him in.  He will not force Himself upon us because of our free will but if asked he will allow the Holy Spirit to flow through us which in turn brings us peace and comfort. 

If you allow the light to overtake that darkness you will also come to realize all these people who the devil says don’t care about you, really do.  You will notice the actions of family and friends and see that they are coming from a place of love and compassion.  This love and compassion can comfort you and help you through any situation.  They are just another form of the light you need.  I know this sounds easier than what it really is but we are not promised easy.  We are promised love and if we allow God’s love and people’s love to intervene when we need it most we can make it through anything. 

I pray that anyone who finds themselves in the dark will allow the light of family, friends, and God’s love to help them out.  Remember there is a limit on how dark it can get but light has no limit of brightness.       


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