Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | January 9, 2013

Is Gun Control The Answer? or Are We The People The Answer To Our Own Problems?

One of the hottest topics right now is gun control.  Should we ban semi-automatic weapons and lower how many bullets a clip can hold?  That is the two part question of the day, month, and year.  I will start off by saying that I am not a gun owner and I have only shot a few different types of guns in my lifetime.  Now, we have the right to bear arms to protect ourselves from harm but let’s be honest, people don’t own those types of guns for protection.  Yes they can protect you if someone were to break into your house but most people who would own a semi-automatic rifle most likely own a hand gun that is much easier to get to in order to defend themselves.  You don’t see people walking around grocery stores or other public places with their rifles because they might need that protection.  What they do is have the proper permits for carry and conceal of a handgun.  This allows them to feel protected and help to protect others if something were to happen.  So for the most part, people buy the semi-automatic guns because they are cool looking and fun to shoot.  You can use them to protect your home and land from a group of people who want to harm you if that situation ever arises but you will not convince me that the main reason people buy those types of guns are for protection rather than for sport.  So then the question arises again what is the real purpose of those types of guns needing to be sold?

 I also believe that most gun owners are responsible gun owners and keep and use their guns in the proper way.  The ones who are using their guns for wrong doing are ones that shouldn’t have a gun in the first place.  If you look at statistics semi-automatic weapons kill less people a year than knives or peoples fist, hands, and feet.  What makes it seem worse is that usually when a semi-automatic rifle is used it is done so where a group of people are and for the purpose of a mass killing.  To me that is like thinking taking a plane is more dangerous than driving a car.  Unless you actually look at statistics you think that or feel that way because when a plane crashes it kills a lot of people at once.  But overall it kills less than traffic accidents every year.  Now there is a big difference in that a plane that crashes usually is not done on purpose where someone shooting a rifle into a crowd is.

 So let me ask this question: Which matters most, the type of guns people own or the kind of people that own them or get their hands on them?

 In all reality for someone who wants to kill someone else, it will not matter if there is a gun or not.  They will choose a gun if they can get their hands on one because it is faster and easier but if their mindset is that they want one or more people dead they will find a way to do it.  I have never heard of a gun floating around in the air by itself firing at people.  I also have not heard of someone accidentally using their semi-automatic rifle killing a mass group of people.  Good people who have never committed a crime have, mentally ill people have, evil people have, but the thing they all have in common is that they made that choice to take that weapon and pull the trigger.  No one has accidentally taken it to a mall and accidentally pulled the trigger (several times because you must pull the trigger every time to fire a semi-automatic) killing several people.  So the question is how did they get the gun?  If they are a criminal or mentally ill then they either slipped through the system, bought it illegally, or took it from someone who legally owned it.  If the last one happened then you have to ask why their gun wasn’t secure. 

 So what do we do?  If we ban semi-automatic rifles do you not think people would then just start using two or three hand guns and doing the same thing?  If that were to happen then would we ban those too?  If we don’t ban those guns do we loosen up on where people can carry, like teachers in schools or people in movie theaters?  If that is allowed then don’t we have to worry that a child might somehow get their hands on it and kill someone or themself because the teacher was sloppy and left it in their desk?  Maybe two people get into an argument at the theater and instead of fist fighting they start shooting each other?  How do we fix the system of checks and balances on who can own a gun?  How do we make it harder for people who shouldn’t own a gun to get one? 

 Most likely neither decision that is made will make a huge difference because there will always be evil people who do evil things.  It will not matter what the laws are and what is illegal.  They will still find a way to pull off their evil deed, whether it is to kill or injure one person or a mass group of people. 

 Maybe there would be less overall gun crime if we just treated each other with respect, love, and compassion.  Maybe there would be less if we just treated each other as equals and not as different classes, colors, and religions.  Could you imagine that?  Being able to walk down the streets of the ghetto without fearing someone was going to kill you because you weren’t from that hood.  Seeing the mentally ill getting the best help but not because their family has the money but because as human beings we care enough to make sure they are getting it.  We have free will and what we do with it determines on how much and what kind of violence there is.



  1. the only gun control is hitting your target. If you take away a mans guns, how is he to protect his family and property from the criminals that already break the law everyday of the week. You would only be aiding in the criminal activities that are so rampant in this nation. We don’t need gun controls that punish the honest citizen. We a new law that mandates 20 years in prison for the use of a gun in a criminal act, without any parole or time for good behavier, Make the criminal pay for his/her own behavier not the honest citizen. Remember GUN DON’T KILL PEOPLE DO.

    • Your last line says it all. No matter what the weapon is, it is people who kill each other and not the weapon itself. Thanks for the comment.

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