Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | January 29, 2013

Ready Or Not It’s A Go!

Well we have finally done it.  After a long while of planning, a lot of thought, and quite a few discussions we have opened our own business.  We are starting our own cupcake business.  We are a home based vendor and are making sure we follow all of our state and local laws for home based vendors.  This is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for us. 

We are a family of six and are always so busy doing things like doctor appointments, school related events, sports, etc.  We both work full time and can not afford for one of us to quit our job at this moment.  We wondered if this would be a good time to start this up, but then again would there ever be a good time?  We talked a lot, prayed a lot, and finally came to the decision that it would have to be now or never.  There is this part of me that is nervous, anxious, and scared that it won’t work out and another part of me that is very happy, excited, and full of hope that it will.  The one thing I felt is that we could not let the fear of failure stop us from trying.  We know there are some long nights ahead of us but we also know that if we have the dedication and the work ethic, that this can succeed and eventually lead to our ultimate goal of having a store front shop.

One thing I really feel good about is that no matter what, we tried.  We are showing our kids that it is okay to take a chance on something you really believe in.  In my opinion there are only two things that can happen: we succeed or we fail.  The problem is that you don’t know either of the results unless you try.  My biggest lesson for them is that I don’t want fear of failure to hold them back.  We all fail at things but it only makes us stronger and smarter when it comes to the next thing in life we try to tackle.  Failing at a project, business, etc., does not make you a failure. 

Being who we are we do have our times of dreaming that this does turn into a success to where we do own a store front and we are our own boss.  How nice it would be to be the man instead of working for the man.  Of course we know being the man is a lot of work but in the end we know it would be all worth it.  We also know that if is doesn’t work out then we are not any worse off than we are now, working for the man. 

There are a lot of things I am unsure of about starting this business, but the one thing I am not is that this is God’s business.  We give it to Him, whether we flourish or fail we will give glory to God. 

1 Corinthians 10:31  So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

I am sure this adventure could also lead to some interesting blogging.  I mean I am working full time with my wife on this project and we all see how crazy those husband and wife reality shows can get.  Hmm, maybe a camera set up in the kitchen to capture it all would be a good idea. 



  1. Yummm…send pictures of those cupcakes! Although a venture like this is stressful, it sounds like you are also having fun! Break a leg!

    • I will start putting pictures when talking about our cupcakes. For some reason I really didn’t think about that. But you can go to to see some of what we make. Thanks for the comment.

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