Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | February 14, 2013

What Is Love? Chocolates, Flowers, and A Card

Well today is the day of chocolates, cards, and flowers.  Today is the day we profess our new love or ongoing love to a special someone.  We confess our deepest thoughts of love and tell them how we truly feel.  Some will go all out, some will stick with the tradition, and some will do the minimum but all will in some way tell their loved one how they feel. 

The definition of love is: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.  A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affections, as for a parent, child, or friend.

Today is a day of confessing our love but do we really know what real love is?  Sure we know the emotion of it and what it makes us feel like but do we know it?  Do we love so much that we would do anything for it?  Would you die for your spouse, child, friend for love?  I am betting the answer to that is yes.  Would you embarrass yourself in front of millions just to prove you love your spouse?  I am betting that is a yes too.  Would give up all your money to pay for medical treatment for a friend if it was the only way they would be able to live?  Again I believe we would answer yes. 

We say we would do anything for the love of someone but is that true?  Would we really do anything?  Would you willingly trade places with a loved one, to take their corporal punishment for something they did?  In a mob of hundreds or thousands would you stand up alone and defend a friend, that you loved, who was being wrongly persecuted?  Would you sacrifice your child to die so the rest of your loved ones could be set free?

How many of us would show that kind of love for someone?  How many of you reading this answered yes, yes, and yes.  I believe some would on the first two questions, but none of us would on the last.  But yet isn’t that what God did?  He traded places with all of us for we all deserve punishments for our sins.  He defends us and loves us against a devil who doesn’t think we deserve love or for our souls to be free.  God gave up His only Son to die so that we all could be free.  Set free of the sins we commit and the punishment we deserve for committing them.  This is love!

Love has conquered all but unfortunately it is not until death that we will get to see its full effect.  So until then we should do our humanly best to help one another, forgive one another, and love one another.  We will not do it perfectly and we will not do it all the time, but when you do, do it with all your heart because it can truly make a difference



  1. Forget Valentines Day… It’s St Trifon Day! So cheers!

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