Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | April 18, 2013

Is Humanity and Love Dead?


A bomb explodes at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  Planes crash into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon.  A mass murder happens in a school, work place, and movie theater.  Every night you can see a story on the news about someone being murdered in cold blood.  So then you hear people start saying things like this:  Everyone has gone crazy!  There is no hope!  People just don’t care anymore!  Everyday someone is doing something bad to someone else, evil is winning!


Is it true?  Has everyone just lost it and is the world going to hell in a handbag?  My answer is no.

 Look at every one of those instances and at all the other ones like them that have happened through time.  For the most part when these tragic events happen it is the work of one person or a small group of people.  Their acts cause so much pain, hurt, and even death.  Whether it is just the murder of a single person or many, the shock value of what they did is intense.  It makes you look at the world as though evil is winning.  It makes you feel unsafe, insecure, and hopeless, like the number of bad people in this world outweighs the number of good people.  That is not the case.

 Look what happens every time something evil happens.  Immediately you have people (not just trained emergency responders) running towards the scene to help others.  You have teachers putting themselves in harms way to try and stop a gunman from killing more, people jumping in front of their loved ones to protect them from being shot, and people running towards the scene of tragedy while not knowing if another bomb could go off around them.  People get together and start helping in so many ways.  They give blood, donate money, give clothes, give shelter, and so much more.  This all goes on not just the day of the event but for long afterwards.  This happens whether it is a single murder or a terrorist attack.  There are more people who come forward to help, always, than the number of people who committed the evil act.

 Humanity is not dead!  Love is not dead!  Compassion is alive!  Yes people can be rude to each other and yes people can say mean things to one another but the bottom line is that when tragedy strikes these same people can come together to help others.  This seems to happen at every tragedy.  People have helped pull others out of burning cars and houses, jumped into rivers to save a child’s life with no regards to their own.  You have read and seen the stories of one’s selfless act that cost them their life so that someone else might live.  There are people who hold the hand of someone who has been hurt and are dying just so they won’t be alone.  People are still donating blood, clothes, money, and time.  People even sign up to have their organs donated in the event that something were to happen to them.

 While bad things happen and some people do bad things, the world overall is still good.  People still have helping hearts.  We still care for one another.  Love and compassion still has, and always will have, more power than evil.  Evil will never persuade us to stop caring for one another.  Evil will never terrify us enough to stop helping one another.  Humanity and love towards each other will always conquer an evil act.  Evil will not and can not win.

 Evil will never be more than just an act, while love is a way of life.  Love is why we will join hands, even with people we do not like, when tragedy strikes.  Love is how we push on during the trying times.  Love is why evil is scared of us.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” – Fred Rogers



  1. Love this! Absolutely true! Humanity, compassion and love are alive and well. It is horrible that anyone should ever lose their lives in such a manner. I would never wish harm nor death on anyone, however, I find it is amazing how we all come together in times of sorrow, tragedy and death. The overwhelming out pour of support and emotion. It shakes us to our core and reminds us of all things important on a larger scale. It reminds us of The Lord’s loving embrace that surrounds us at all times.

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