Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | April 30, 2013

A Shed, A Fire, And Keeping My Cousin Warm (Conclusion)

After taking some deep breaths I walk over to the shed and opened up the doors.  Right away I showed my cousin the matches to let her know I got them.  I closed the door behind us and walked over to the charcoal to light it.  I struck the first match and threw it down to light the charcoal but I missed and the matched was burning to fast for me to pick it back up to throw it again.  I took another match this time moving closer to the charcoal.  I lit the match and once again and more accurately threw it on the charcoal. 

BOOM!  WHOOSH! Or what ever sound you want to use to imagine a fireball instantly rising from nowhere.  This scared the crap out of us and my cousin wanted to leave right away.  The fire was almost touching the ceiling of the shed.  The boards beneath the charcoal were on fire from where the gas had run down the charcoal and down the length of the boards.  There was way more fire than I expected.  My cousin wanted to run but I told her to wait and I would put out the fire.  I opened the doors and the smoke poured out.  I ran over to the other side of the shed to our trailer and grab the water hose.  I unwound the hose and lugged it over to the opening of the shed.  I then ran back and turned on the hose.  I was so lucky the hose was close enough to the shed that I could use it.  At least that is what I thought for a second.

I ran back to the end of the hose and held it up to spray the fire with the water.  There was only one problem.  No water was spraying out.  I shook the hose vigorously and the only thing I got was one little drip after another.  I ran back checking to make sure there were no kinks or anything.  Nothing seemed wrong so I ran back to the end of the hose and still nothing.  I picked it up and looked inside and I could see it was full of ice.  No water would be coming out.  By this time our elderly neighbor across the street had noticed the smoke.  I saw her coming toward my house and knew that if I didn’t put out this fire she would tell my dad.  I thought if I could put this out then just maybe they would think she was seeing things.  As she made it to the middle of the road I ran back into the shed with my cousin, shutting the doors behind me.  I then started to do the only thing I thought was reasonable at the time.  I jumped into the fire, on top of the charcoals, and started just jumping up and down as fast as I could trying to smother the fire out. 

After what seemed to be eternity of jumping up and down and to no avail the doors came flying open.  I could see my dad, uncle, and grandpa all just staring in shock of this little boy jumping up and down in a fire.  The looks on their faces were one of trying to figure out if what they were seeing was real or not.  Once realizing that what he saw was really happening, my dad immediately pulled me from the fire and they removed my cousin from the shed.  I am not sure who exactly did what but it was like watching an old time movie of people trying to put a fire out.  One person was filling a big pot of water from inside the house and running it to the door and handing it to who ever was at the door.  That person then ran that pot to the other one at the shed and handed it to them to pour on to the fire.  They had 2 or 3 pots they were doing this with so they could constantly be pouring water onto the fire.  It wasn’t to long and they had the fire out.  I remember them shoveling the charcoal out of the shed and onto the cold pavement so the fire wouldn’t restart. 

They thanked the neighbor for coming over to let them know what was going on and took us inside.  My dad took me to my room and pulled my burnt pants, shoes, and socks off.  I had blisters up and down my legs from jumping in the fire.  I remember how calm my dad was in telling me what I did was wrong and how I could have killed my cousin or been killed myself.  He never raised his voice but told me I would be in trouble and grounded for this and that I had to stay in my room.  As I laid there I couldn’t believe how calm it all seemed.  Then I heard my mom, aunt, and grandma come in the door.  I could tell my mom knew something was up as soon as she came into the door.  Then I heard my dad telling her what had happened.  Then I heard my mom say, “Where is he?  I am going to beat his ass!”  She yelled that so loudly that it was like she was standing right beside me.  Now I knew I was in real trouble.  I hurried up and covered up in my blankets but with my legs sticking out hoping the sight of all the blisters would make her feel bad for me.  I could hear her trying to make it back to my bedroom all the while my dad trying to tell her he took care of it. 

I am sure that it took all the men there to hold her back.  Finally it seemed like everything calmed down.  My dad came back into the room and told me that I would be in a lot of trouble for this and told me how he just saved the hide on my butt.  I am not sure but I think they must have shot her with a tranquilizer in order to calm her down.  All I know is that she never did tan my hide and that I learned a valuable lesson that day.  If you are going to use gas to start a fire you only need a very tiny bit to do so. 

I know this might have seemed a bit outrageous but I really did do this.  I also did it all with the hopes of trying to keep my cousin warm.  It is definitely one of those things that I look back on and can realize why my mom was so upset.  I see how dangerous it was and how terribly wrong everything could have gone, but thank God it didn’t.


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