Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | May 22, 2013

Time To Reevaluate

This week is one of those weeks where I am sitting down reevaluating of how I am living my life.  We all do it.  No matter how well we think we are doing, we then read an article, see a news clip, or watch a video that makes us put everything into perspective even more.  It makes us wonder why someone who seems to have every reason to be angry at the world does so much good instead.  It makes you wonder about all the whys?  Why did I yell at my kids for something so small?  Why did that argument even have to happen with my wife?  Why did I let this incident ruin my day?  Why, Why, Why? 

These people we come to learn about have every reason to give up.  No one could blame them for doing so in their circumstances.  But somehow, someway they are stronger and spread more joy and hope in their weakest moments then we do in our strongest.  They are dying and should be the ones who are being comforted, yet they are the ones who seem to be comforting us.

The affect they can truly have on people and how they teach us to live our lives better is amazing.  The way they are living their last few years, months, days are the way we should be living our lives all the time.  It makes us reevaluate how much we take for granted.  How the simple joys of living, laughing, and loving are being lost through the worries of life instead of being enjoyed. 

We seem to consume and focus ourselves with the worries of this world instead of the joys.  When we are at work we are worried about what needs done at the house or if we are home we are worried about what needs done at work.  When special occasions are coming up we worry about how much everything is going to cost.  We worry about what we don’t have or what we seem to think we need.  We worry more than we should.  We let worry consume us so much that we can miss a lot of joyful moments.

I know I do and I know I can’t stand it.  I find that unfortunately we all need those videos, articles, or news stories to slap us back to reality.  To help us understand just how important enjoying life is.  They don’t have to be huge life changing moments that we enjoy either.  One small example in my life is the fact that my boys have been mowing the yard by their selves.  How is that an enjoyable moment to watch you ask?  Well it showed me that they are becoming responsible young men.  I know that I could count on them to take care of things like this now if something were to happen to me to where I couldn’t.  It showed me how the work I put in to teach them how to mow has paid off.  I taught them this.  They didn’t learn on their own or by someone else, I taught them and that is a great feeling.  Is that something I would have even noticed this week if I didn’t get my current slap of, “Hey wake up and enjoy,” moment?  I don’t know but I am glad I did.  It has been making me think a lot this week. 

I am sure I will lose my way again in the worries of life because we all do and we all will, but I believe it is getting less and less.  It may never stop all the way but I know the more it lessens the more I will enjoy the everyday moments of life, and the more I enjoy the moments the better I feel about myself which in turns makes me a better person.  I want to focus on the enjoyment of living, laughing, and loving because focusing on worries is wasted time and time that we can not get back. 
Matthew 6:27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?



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