Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | August 27, 2013

Gay Marriage Is Sinful! Of Course Forget About The Other Ones Right?

To my fellow Christians in regards to the biblical aspect of marriage – because essentially the argument is that homosexuality is a sin, and that marriage was designed and ordained by God to join man and woman, right? That it is a religious institution, and homosexuality does not fall into the definition of a biblical marriage.

So let’s lay it all out then…you can’t have a biblical marriage if you are a sinner and are utilizing a marriage in any way except how it was originally designed. So then, ½ of America should not be legally married. And I’m not talking about homosexuals here, people. I’m talking about everyone who has ever cheated in their marriage. Tsk tsk tsk – adultery is a sin, isn’t it?? I mean – it’s an actual commandment. That’s pretty serious. So all of those people who have ever cheated on their spouse, you don’t deserve to be married. Sorry, Charlie! And how about people who get married and make a choice to never have children? Marriage, as originally designed, was so that couples could procreate right? Now, I’m not getting into couples that are infertile here because that’s not a conscious decision not to procreate, but I’m talking about those couples that – even sometimes BEFORE marriage – make a conscientious decision to not have children. Oh, no – you too do not deserve to be married – sorry! Those of you who’ve engaged in premarital sex? Nope, no marriage for you! You have ruined the sacrament of marriage! Now throw aside people who have been abused, cheated on, etc., but let’s talk about the ones who just can’t hack it, fight for it, or just thought, “Oh well if it doesn’t work out I can get a divorce,”  leading to second, third or ump-teen marriages. That can’t be allowed now, either, because that is NOT how marriage was designed. I mean, ‘til death do us part’…hello! It’s right there in your *MARRIAGE* vows. And then that brings me to a whole other question…what about all of those atheists out there? They are allowed, under today’s laws, to get married, aren’t they? Marriage, a holy sacrament ordained by God – and yet it’s okay that people who deny that our God even EXISTS have the right to a marriage? They are considered married couples with all of the legal ramifications that go along with it – they are allowed to have a marriage, not just a “civil union”. But how can that be? Now, atheists don’t typically get married in churches by pastors or rabbis or priests do they? They don’t view marriage as a religious ceremony, right? Of course not, but in the eyes of the law they have what is considered to be a MARRIAGE, afforded the same liberties as any religious couple that enters into a marriage. I have never, not once, seen a protest organized to ban marriages for atheists. I mean, they can even marry a Catholic in a Catholic Church ceremony – as long as they agree to raise their children as Catholics! What?!

So we disregard all of those silly little ‘guidelines’ in the name of convenience, right? Sorry all of my fellow believers…we have already altered and redefined marriage to the point that it is not carried out anymore as a union under God. And it is not just the crazy ‘radicals’ that are breaking all of those rules of traditional marriage, now is it? Not even close.  If you look at the few examples I’ve given – I would almost guarantee that there would be VERY few people that would still be allowed to get married under the original, biblical interpretation of the word.  Further, I am guessing the percentage of homosexuals who believe in God is probably close to the same as for heterosexuals, but then you have atheists who deny His existence altogether – and yet you so vehemently oppose homosexuals being allowed to marry under the pretext of marriage being a holy sacrament, UNDER GOD, that is meant to be between a man and a woman, but say little to nothing about atheists being afforded those rights.

All of those sins…and doesn’t the bible itself say that all sins are equal in the eyes of God? Your sin is no greater or less than my sin, right? You choosing to tattoo your body is no better or worse than my decision to enjoy shrimp, right? Those are both sins in the same book of Leviticus as ‘man lying with another man’.  In fact aren’t they abominations?  So if a heterosexual couple can sin against the sacrament of marriage, and can still get married (because our sins are bought and paid for with the blood of Christ – ALL of our sins), then why on earth can a homosexual couple not be afforded the same rights? It boggles my mind why this is still even an issue!  Why do you get to pick and choose which parts of the Bible apply to today’s world and which do not?? Why not leave the legalization of marriage separate from your INTERPRETATION of the Bible? All anyone entering into marriage really wants is to be bound to the person they love, and be legally protected in the same way any other person (be it tattooed adulterer, shellfish-eating divorcee or disbelieving atheist) would be in their marriage. I just don’t understand it.

Every reason you have for homosexuals not to be allowed to get married is because of sin and your interpretation of the Bible.  Then what about all the Christians, pastors, priests, etc., who don’t believe that is what the Bible was saying, are we then not true believers?  Is our interpretation wrong?  If you say yes then why are we wrong and you are right?  What makes you able to understand the Bible better than anyone else?  The fact is that it doesn’t.  You can go to any pastor, preacher, rabbi, priest, etc., and you will get a different interpretation of what each book, passage, or line in the Bible means. 

Besides all of this what gives you the right to be judge, jury, and executioner of someone’s right to marry someone they love?  Have we not already discussed all the others who get to marry with out even a trial?  Why aren’t you even looking at their cases?  According to you a sin is a sin and if what you have to say is the truth then why are all these other marriages not getting the negative attention they deserve?  Your argument would be the same as it is now, “Because the Bible says it is so.”  Why have you not demanded headline after headline about these treacherous sins against marriage?  Why are you not throwing stones at them? 

Do you want me to tell you what my interpretation of God being in a marriage is?  No? Well, too bad!  I have listened and read over and over about what your opinions are and what you believe to be right, so you can read about mine.  Or don’t, you can stop reading if you choose, I DO NOT CARE!

Marriage under God is about LOVE and VOWS, period!  Marriage is about any two adult people falling in love with each other and wanting to be united as one through marriage.  It is about vowing to have and to hold from this day on for better or worse, richer or poorer, and in sickness and in health.  Marriage is about loving and cherishing the one you are with until death do you part.  It is about taking your spouse and loving them and honoring them for as long as you shall live.  Marriage is about staying around when the times get tough and choosing to love one another when you think you can’t.  You must be willing to fight and sacrifice for your love and marriage when the toughest times come. 

Tell me if there are any of those things that heterosexuals can do that homosexuals can’t?  The problem with that is that you can’t!  They are humans that love also and deserve the same right to marry that you, I, atheist, and sinners have. 

I can find the love of my life and to show her how much I love her, I can marry her.  I can speak those vows to her, put a wedding band on her finger, and sign a piece of paper that tells the world we are legally married.  That allows us to have all the legal rights that only married couples can have (too many to go into).  What I don’t understand is why can’t someone who is gay have those same rights?  I can not come up with one single reason to explain that because someone is a homosexual that they don’t deserve to have that same rights that I have.  Not one single reason.   

I heard our pastor say the other day that Christians who are so black or white about certain issues are not as right as they think they are and that wouldn’t you rather err on the side of love and compassion for someone rather than judgment and damnation towards them, whose sins are already just as forgiven as yours are.  That made me think and I hope that it makes you think too.


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