Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | September 24, 2013

38 Years Ago Today

One day I was just lying around in the most comfortable bed I ever had.  The motion of the water swayed me back and forth like a hammock in the breeze.  The sound of the water was like the waves of a lake hitting the beach. I would cause ripples every time I moved and they splashed against the sides.  It was bliss.  Then out of nowhere the water started to drain.  I started to sink down.  Panic arose and I didn’t know what to do.  As time went by I was trying to figure out how I was going to get out of this mess.  I was tossing and turning but could not seem to escape what I had thought was the perfect bed.  Everything I tried to do seemed to make me sink further and further.  I even tried pulling on the cord beside me in order to help pull myself up. Then out of nowhere I started to hear screams.  Someone was in trouble, because they were not screams of joy but screams of immense pain. 

Those screams terrified me so much I just curled up into the fetal position and laid there.  What was going to happen to me?  What was happening to the person screaming?  Terrified and with no way to free myself from this bed I could do nothing but think of the horrible things that were going to happen to me.  These thoughts were racing through my when all the sudden I felt something touch my head.  “What the hell is that?” I thought.  I started to feel pressure on my head and then I knew.  It must be aliens and they are getting ready to probe my brain.  The pressure was so much and I wanted to scream but it was as if my mouth was full of something.  Plus I wasn’t sure anyone would hear me scream over the other person that was screaming.  In fact that screaming was getting louder and louder.  As the pressure on my head seemed to intensify I started to see a bright, white light. 

My first thought was that I must be dead and I now was heading to heaven.  But if that was the case, why would the angels feel like they were pulling me from the head instead of me just floating up with them?  Then once again I could feel something touching my head and now I was totally scared.  I knew that it was aliens and I was caught in their beam as they pulled me up to their spaceship.  The bright light became blinding as the pressure was finally relieved from my head. “Crap they must have gotten the top of my head open,” I thought.  I am screaming, “Please don’t take my brain, please!”  The other scream had stopped, which must have meant their brain was gone now. 

The bright light started to go in and out and as that happened, blurry figures started to appear.  They were talking in some language I had never heard. They took some kind of force field and wrapped it around me.  I could no longer move.  The figures started to come in clearer and clearer by the moment.  Then this one alien with a light on his head started to come towards me.  It had some sort of big blue device.  The alien lowered the device down to my nose and I started to yell at it.  “NO!  Not the brain sucker! OH PLEASE NO!  I need my brains; please do not suck them out!” 

After they placed the device in my nose and sucked they started to turn me upside down.  They removed the force field from me and with one big swoop they took there paw and smacked me.  I was screaming at them as loud as I could to stop.  I just kept screaming and screaming.  In fact when I started screaming they seemed to enjoy it, and they smiled.  I couldn’t believe this torture I was going through.  I begged them to put me back into my bed.  They put the force field back around me and then started to walk with me.  Another alien came over at this time and looked right at me.  He just kept smiling at me no matter how much I screamed at him to just get away.  Finally the one holding me turned and walked over to another alien that was lying down in a bed.  Her arms reached out and he placed me into them.  She, too, did nothing but smile at me no matter how much I screamed.  All I could think was, “What was wrong with these creatures?  Why all of this torture?  Just kill me and get it over with.”  Then she pulled me closer as she brought her head closer to me also.  “Oh no, this is it!  She is going to eat me now.”  I thought.  I closed my eyes and just screamed as loud as I could, “NOOOOO!”

The bite never came; instead she pressed her lips against my check.  This warmed me somehow.  She cradled me in her arms and all of the sudden I felt safe instead of feeling terrified.  Though I have no idea what she was saying her words were comforting.  I had gone from feeling terrified and alone to feeling happy and that I belong. I felt safe even though I was new to this world and to these creatures.  I knew now that they meant no harm but only love and with that I once again could now sleep comfortably and at peace in my new bed, the arms of my mother and father. 

I am sure thirty-eight years ago this is how it all went down.   


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