Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | March 19, 2014

Not A Hair

There is a day in my life that has lived with me forever.  It was one of the scariest moments of my life.  I was around 17 years old and drove a beat up 1974 Mustang.  Yeah don’t get fooled because you see the word Mustang because that was the year the Ford Mustang looked more like a hatched back Gremlin than a powerful sports car.

My friend and I had arrived at another friend’s house to pick her up.  We were all going out to meet other friends and to just have a good time.  As we came to the door our friend let us into the house with her mother right there greeting us with a smiling face.  I was relaxed and feeling comfortable until a voice coming from the living room seemed to rumble the house as it said, “Boys come in here and sit down so I can talk to you.”

We walked over into the room and this giant stood up from his chair.  Now my friend was a tall guy but through our eyes at the time this person made even him look like a tiny Chihuahua standing next to a Saint Bernard.   He told us to take a seat which was a good thing because I am not sure my legs could stand too long the way they were starting to wobble.  We took a seat on the couch while our friend and her mother took a seat on the other couch and he sat back down in his chair. 

The first two questions he asked were easy ones: Where are you going and when will you be back?  Normal questions a father would ask and in fact I think it was meant to relax us just a little as it did.  Unfortunately for us, and keeping with his plan, those were the final two questions he would ask.  Everything after that were statements that made every muscle I had tense up so tight I thought they were going to rip away from the bones. 

“See the hairs there on her head?  If one piece is missing or harmed I will hunt you down to take revenge on you.” He said.  “This is my little girl and I expect her to be respected at all times and to be taken care of at all times.  She is in your hands and if anything happens to her I will hold the two of you personally responsible.  So if a single hair on her body is harmed I will harm you.”

There was no smile as he said this, only a look of displeasure with stone cold killer eyes.  It was as if he wanted to go ahead and harm us now just in case or to be on the safe side.  In fact I know he said some more things after that but every time his mouth moved all I heard was, “I will kill you!”  A couple of thoughts entered my mind.  One was to just curl up into the fetal position and cry myself to sleep.  Another was to just ask him if he would mind bringing her to the party and in fact staying there to chaperone.  I didn’t know if I even wanted her in my car.  It was the middle of the summer and I did not have air condition and the thought of having the windows down and the wind blowing a loose piece of hair off of her head terrified me. 

The two of us were shaking so bad that I believe the dishes in the kitchen were rattling from the vibration.  At one point we looked over at our friend and her mother and they were laughing.  They tell us they were laughing at the look on our faces as he talked to us but I am sure I heard them evil laughing and saw them rubbing their hands together while saying, “You’re going to die, you’re going to die! BWAHAHAHAHA.”  It was everything we could do to keep our bladders under control.  At the end he stood up raising his hand up at the same time.  We thought this was it and that he wasn’t impressed and was going to squish us like a bug right then and there.  My eyes started to water and thoughts about how short my life was ran through my head.  I pulled myself together for a quick second and thought if I could just throw my friend at him first I might be able to make it out the door and into my car before he could then come for me. 

A wild look came into my eyes and just as I was about to grab my friend by his shirt and throw him towards her giant father I noticed his hand stopped moving upward and was actually ready and positioned to shake ours.  With a quick handshake and a goodbye we were off.  The night went well and as far as we know not a single hair was lost or harmed. 

The day her father sat down to talk and threaten us was one of the scariest of my life.  It has stuck with me my whole life and I have always known from that moment that is exactly how I will talk to my daughter’s friends that want to take her out.  I will make them shake to the point of tears wanting to run down their face just so they understand how important a father’s love is for his little girl.  Thank you, Mr. Hall, for a life lesson of fear and respect.  I will never forget it and will make sure to pass this lesson on to other boys who think they are just going to waltz in and take my daughters out for an evening of fun. 


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