Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | July 14, 2014

The Outer Banks (Avon, N.C)

The first sense to come awake from a peaceful night sleep is your hearing.  What you are hearing is the peaceful sound of ocean waves crashing to the shore.  It automatically brings a smile to your face.  As you open your eyes what you see is a perfectly created painting done by God’s hand.  You look out into the ocean as far as you can see until it looks like that is where you just fall off the edge of the earth.  The sun is rising just above the rim of the earth.  Its light reflects off the clouds and the water to give off a burst of majestic colors; orange, red, pink, and purple colors fill the background of the sky and the waters below.  As your eyes start to pan the painting you notice in front of all that array of color is the most beautiful blue sky with the perfect set of puffy white clouds.  You notice how the beach’s soft sand reaches out and touches the water.  The waves crest and softly crash onto the beach right in front you with perfect rhythm as the two come together to make the most perfect soothing sound you have ever heard. 

In the background there is no noise of the hustle and bustle of a road full of traffic.  In fact through out the day traffic just leisurely makes its way up and down the island, no one in a huge hurry because they are late for a meeting or late for work.  There is no crowding of fast food chain restaurants, Wal-Marts, or any other type of big box stores.  There are only mom and pop places, the kind where you get the best food with the best service.  Time seems to slow down while you are there so that you can make sure you are enjoying every bit of it.  This is a place where families are spending time talking to one another more than they are on their phones and computers.  It’s a place where brothers, sisters, and cousins and spending their time swimming and playing, instead of arguing and tattling on each other.  It is a place where your dream of having your immediate family all together, for a vacation of a lifetime, comes true. 

This is a place where a husband and wife can renew their vows in front of family and a beach full of onlookers and still feel like it was just a private intimate setting for only them.  It is where the stars of the night burn brightly and the glow of the moon reflects off the ocean and lights everything up.  This is Avon, North Carolina on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks. 

It is where God speaks to you through sight, touch, and sounds.  It is where with a beautiful sunrise and an evening full of the brightest stars He says, “Look at the day I created for you.”  It is the softness of the sand, the warmth of the sun, and the coolness of the ocean breeze where He says, “Feel what I have created for you.”  It is the sound of children laughing, seagulls squawking, and waves crashing the beach that He says, “Listen to how I talk to you through what I have created.”

For me Avon, North Carolina was a place where my family gathered, my children laughed, my wife and I renewed our love, and God spoke to us all.  It is because of Him that we could enjoy this time together and make memories that none of us will ever forget.  So today my prayer will consist of only this; “Thank you Lord.  It is because of Your grace and love that I have been blessed with memories like these.”


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