Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | September 2, 2014

Knocked down but you’re not out!

Sometimes in this life you get knocked down so hard you wonder if you will be able to get back up.  You lie there wondering if you should even try because you don’t want to be knocked down like this again.  You think to yourself that it would be easier to just stay down for the count.  Yes you were in the fight and yes you were doing pretty good, you even thought you might go all 15 rounds or even get a knock out yourself and then one bad round happens; an unexpected hook.  The bell rings just in the knick of time in that round so you go to your corner relieved.  You have the pep talk and a few seconds of rest and now you are ready to get back into the fight.  You have a plan and things are going to change from that last round.  You come out firing left and right jabs connecting with everyone.  There is that feeling that the last round was a fluke and you are energized and again looking like you have this fight where you want it.  You are getting comfortable and think you have your opponents game plan all figured out.  Then for a split second you leave you hands just a little too far apart and an uppercut shot comes at you with such force it knocks you down to the matt.

That punch hurt and it hurt badly.  You are dazed and confused, wondering how in the world you even ended up there.  The fight starts flashing before your eyes and that is where you see it.  You had been unknowingly setting yourself up for this.  Little mistakes were being made and your opponent was taking full advantage of it even though you had no clue.  While you were throwing jabs and content with doing that and thinking you were going to win the fight that way because in the end you would come out ahead, your opponent was sizing you up.  It was watching for any minute mistake, any error of feeling comfortable in the fight, just waiting for the right time to throw that hook and uppercut.  You see it all and wonder how in the world did you even last this long into the fight. 

As you see the ref standing over you, starting the ten count, you now have to make a decision.  Do you just lay there and take the loss or do you get back up?  On one hand if you take the loss you know it can’t get any worse than that.  You know where you would stand every single day, at the bottom without hope for yourself or expectations of others.  You know what people would think and you wouldn’t have to ever wonder.  You would be the fighter that looked good and promising for a while but ended up not being able to take a punch.  You would be defeated, a loser,  a down and out contender who had promise.


You can decide to get up and finish this fight.  Sure it is going to take some guts and people might still look at you a little differently for a while because you were just knocked down flat but you still can win.  You know what your mistakes were and you know how they led to you lying there on that mat.  You now have the advantage on your opponent because you have figured out what not to do and how to be a better fighter and your challenger has no idea what to expect now.  All that time during the fight it was sizing you up and timing your punches to where it knew when and where every punch was going.  You now have the advantage because you can change all of that up.  When your opponent thinks a jab is coming you throw in a hook, a gut shot, or your own uppercut.  You do the things you should have done at the beginning of the fight and your opponent will be confused the whole time.  It will never have a chance to knock you down again because you won’t give it the chance. 

Yes life has knocked you down and the ref is halfway through his count but you can pull yourself back up, even if it takes for a brief moment using the ropes as a life line to help pull yourself up.  There is no shame in that and that does not represent weakness, it is only a tool to help you get back up on your feet in order to stop the ref from counting.  Once up you then take a step away from the ropes to show you can and will stand on your own two feet and finish this fight.  In fact now that you are up you will fill a little bit more energized.  You can now start to bounce up and down banging your gloves together letting the challenger know you are not down and out but instead ready to come at him with everything you got.  You have this new look in your eye of showing no fear, showing the world that you can take a punch and even if knocked down you can and will get back up and finish the fight.

Yeah life might knock you to the mat but it will never keep you down.  We all have the skills, the strength, and the courage to get back up, and when we do we will do it with more strength, more courage, and more skills to be able to defend ourselves.  Yes life is beautiful, wonderful, and a great thing but never shall we forget that it can also throw a nasty uppercut or that when it does we can survive that uppercut and be better for it.


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