Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | November 24, 2014

Slavery, Homosexuals, and the Bible

I have a question.  Why did we stop slavery?  Especially, since it was taught from the bible that it was okay.  Not only was it taught that slavery was okay but that according to the bible it was fine to beat and torture slaves to teach them lessons of their wrong doing.  So again, I will ask, why did slavery stop? 

This is just a guess but could it have been because people were misusing verses of the bible to justify their treatment of people they thought were different and beneath them?  Also just a guess but it seems that people saw the truth and that the bible was really a book of love and redemption and stopped using it to justify their wrong doings of a race of people that were only different because of the color of their skin. 

This makes me believe that once again people are doing the same thing, except this time the bible is being used to wrong people because they are a homosexual instead of a heterosexual.  They are different and because of that people are once again using the bible too discriminatorily take their rights away.  Just as in the past they are not looking at or getting to know the person.  Instead they are unjustifiably saying that because you are a homosexual you are different and because you are different than the majority you should not be allowed the same rights as heterosexuals.  That means no marriage, no family insurance, no visitation rights if your partner is in the hospital, a tougher time adopting a child, and so on and so on and so on.

When will we wake up and see that the more the bible is used to condemn anyone and everyone that is different the more people it pushes away from God.  People use to say it was “God’s word” as the reason they defended slavery and now people are saying because it is “God’s word” as why homosexuals shouldn’t have the same rights as you and me.  I have always been taught that God’s word is love.  I mean look at what God’s greatest commandment says, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it. Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Matthew 22:37-38. 

Maybe it is time that we stop being afraid of anything that is different and starting relying on the one thing that means everything: love. It always wins and in the end it has the final say.


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