Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | September 10, 2015

Attack of the Invisible Something

Let me set up the scenario for you.  I am sitting in my recliner, my brother-in-law is sitting on the far right of the sectional, my wife is sitting in the middle where it curves and my sister is sitting on the far left of the sectional.   We just got done watching a show and a commercial was on.  My brother-in-law had gotten up and went into the kitchen when it happened.

As I picked up my phone to look at it a scream so powerful and frightening came from my left side. I quickly turned to look in that direction while my brother-in-law ran back into the living room.  At first I didn’t even recognize the person yelling was my wife.  From the beginning of her scream she jumped up and started to pound herself in the head.  She seamed to be hitting herself hard enough to knock out Mike Tyson.  Then, while still screaming at the top of her lungs, she starting running her fingers through her hair so violently that I thought she was going to pull chunks of hair out.  Her eyes were as wide as tennis balls and they had such a crazed look in them.  I didn’t know what was going on.  So there she is jumping up and down, elbows flailing around, and her hands crazily going through her hair.  I WAS SCARED!  About the time I started to yell for everyone to run before she murdered us I heard what she was yelling. 

“Get it out!  Get it out of my hair!”  Followed by screams of terror.  I didn’t know what was in her hair but I knew I didn’t want to go over there and check either.  My brother-in-law and I just kind of stood there.  We didn’t see anything but the way she was acting we kept waiting for something giant to come out of her hair.  I looked around to see if there was something I could find to hit what ever this thing was when it came out but there was nothing, we were defenseless.   

“GET IT OUT NOW!” she screamed with a final fling of her hair.  Now all her hair was in front of her face and I thought, “Oh crap she’s the Grudge!  It’s not in her hair it has taken over her body!  I am definitely not going over there now!” 

At the same time of her flipping her hair we hear another deathly scream and my sister jumps up.  She went from the couch to the other side of the room and the only way I can tell you how she got there was by flight.  I didn’t see her feet touch the ground.  She is standing there screaming all the while her legs are moving up and down likes she was going to run somewhere.  Now I am thinking the girls are under attack by something.  Another scream from my wife led to another scream by my sister.  I didn’t know what to do.  Was I also supposed to scream?  Was I supposed to run?   Was I supposed to be checking my hair?  What was I supposed to do?

My brother-in-law is confused, he is just standing there looking back and forth at the two girls and my thought was that if he starts to scream the kids are on their own and I am out of here.  Another scream from each of the girls and then my wife runs towards me yelling at me to get it out of her hair.  I am like, “Oh hell no you aren’t running towards me!  I am too young to die from something invisible!”  As she is running towards me I think about running away from her and how I was going to explain this to the police if I got away and they didn’t.  But instead I man up for a second and look closely at her hair and I don’t see anything.  I tell her there is nothing there and even though she keeps messing with her hair to make sure there is nothing there, she does start to calm down.  I guess my sister still thinks she is the next victim as she screams again.  We look over at her and she looks back with eyes as wide as golf balls and her legs still moving like she wants to run but is stuck in place.  It takes a few more minutes and finally both are calmed down. 

My wife swears up and down something was stuck in her hair and was buzzing and that freaked her out.  I never really asked but the only reason I can guess then that my sister started screaming also is that she was for sure something was attacking my wife and she was the next closest person so logically it would make her the next victim. 

It took a good long while for us to stop laughing afterwards.  We never saw any bug or flying insect so I am not sure what she felt, I guess we will never know.


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