Posted by: husbandandfatheroffour | October 12, 2012

Playfulness In Bed Ends In Injury

So who hasn’t had those playful moments in bed with your wife?  You know the ones that start off talking and being funny and leads to where you are trying to push each other off the bed (still in a fun way).  This is a little story that will start from the pushing part. 

W= Wife
M= Me

I am lying towards our window in the room.  She is trying to push me off the bed and I keep turning over and tickling her to get her to stop.  Well now she has her hands in the middle of my back pushing with all her might to get me off all because I told her she didn’t have the strength to push me off the bed.  I start pushing back by rolling backwards and then…..POP!  I could feel her hand fold backwards.

W- “Ahhhhh! Oh it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!  I think you broke it.”  (All of this said while in pain and crying.)
M- “Are you sure?  I didn’t mean to do that.”
W- “Turn on the light.”
M- “Uh no way!”
W- “Turn on the light!”
M- “No way.  I am not turning on the light so I can see your deformed hand.  Not doing it!”
W- “It hurts so bad so turn on the damn light!”
M- “Fine but I am not looking.  Put your pillow over it so I don’t have to see.”
W- “You are going to have to look at it because I can’t.  It will gross me out.” 
M- “I told you to quit pushing.  Why didn’t you just listen to me?”
W- “Because I didn’t know you were going to try and break my wrist.  Sorry if I thought a little playfulness would lead to something other than you folding my hand backwards in the wrong direction.”
M- “Can you feel it?  Is it just flopping around?  If you pick your arm up does your hand just fall straight down?”
W- “I don’t know I am not moving it.  Are you crazy?  Why would I try and move it now?  Some of the pain has gone away and I don’t want it back.  Now can you just turn on the freaking light?”
M- “Maybe we should wake Michaela up and have her come in here and tell us if it looks bad?”
W- “Is your head even attached on right?  We are not waking up our 7 year old to look at my wrist.  It would traumatize her.”
M- “Fine!  I am almost to the light.  You are going to owe me big for this.”
W- “Seriously?  Do you not remember you rolled over my hand?”
M- “You were trying to push me off the bed.  I had to make a difficult decision.  Stop you from pushing me off the bed or let you and maybe hit my head on the floor.  If that would have happened then you would be dealing with a head injury.”
W- “Are you sure you don’t have one now?”
M- “Ha Ha very funny.”

I turn the light on walk over to her to see the injury – and nothing.  Her hand looked normal and she was moving it normal.  She said it still hurt a little but she could wiggle all her fingers and move it up and down.  Luckily everything turned out all right.  I turned off the light and climbed back into bed.

M- “I don’t know why you were so worried?”

A loud thud rang out as my body hit the floor.  This time she had scooted over and used her feet to shove me off the bed.

W- “I told you I could do it.”  She says as she laughs hysterically. 


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